SafeAuto Insurance Company Announced Today That It Is Closing Its Call Centers Located In Hemmingway, South Carolina

Columbus, OH March 19, 2013

SafeAuto Insurance Company announced today that it is closing its call center located in Hemmingway, South Carolina as part of a broader strategy to reduce expenses and use the existing capacity in its other call center facilities more efficiently.

The closure will be completed this week and impact 164 associates in South Carolina, most of who will be replaced in SafeAuto’s call centers in Ohio and Kentucky. “This decision is about realigning our workforce and fully occupying our facilities. We are not materially reducing our headcount,” said Ron Davies, SafeAuto’s recently appointed CEO. “Even as we grew our customer base last year, we found that we were using less than half of our call center capacity and are spread across 4 buildings in 3 different states. As the insurance industry trends toward more efficient use of technology to acquire and maintain policyholders and consumers increasingly gravitate to the internet, our studies showed us that we did not need that much seating capacity in our call centers now or to support our aggressive growth projections. Running an efficient business is a key component to staying competitive,” said Davies.

“As with any executive management transition, we are analyzing every aspect of the business. The team is building on our strengths and attacking our challenges head on. Maximizing the efficiency of our call center operations while continually delivering what we promised to our customers is one of those challenges. We believe consolidating our call center footprint allows us to do both,” said Davies. “We are working on a number of exciting business initiatives and determined to build on SafeAuto’s track record of phenomenal success well into the future.”

About SafeAuto

SafeAuto Insurance Company is a direct to consumer personal auto insurer operating in 16 states. SafeAuto was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1993 and is one of the largest privately held auto insurers in the country. Its headquarters are located in the Easton area.