SafeAuto Outreach:
A Community Mural for Adair Park II

Safeauto gives back

SafeAuto has a mission to foster trust and keep communities safe. We wanted to gift a beautiful piece of art and host a gathering to represent and celebrate our collective values, beauty and compassion for one another in our strong SafeAuto community in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo of artist George F Baker III

About the Artist:
George F. Baker III

This artist is a Nebraska-born, Detroit-grown, and Atlanta-raised creator. Using his instruments of design,​ illustration and production, he employs a playful spirit to engage the inner-child we all have. Currently, he is the Creative Director of Foster, a studio-collective striving to make people unafraid to play.​

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Photos and Videos

Adair Park II before the mural

The Space before the Mural

Watch live as the new park comes to life with an original mural from artist George F. Baker III

Photo of musician Kebbi Williams

Performing Artist Kebbi Williams

Relax and listen to performing artist Kebbi Williams while you see the mural come to life

Photo of the La Bodega Food Truck

Delicious Food from La Bodega

Come try some tasty food from Atlanta's own La Bodega courtesy of SafeAuto

Stay Safe Summer Graphic


Continue to follow along throughout the summer as we partner with additional local communities with our mission of fostering trust and keeping strong SafeAuto communities safe.

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