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At SafeAuto, we understand that shopping for car insurance can be stressful. That’s why SafeAuto car insurance specializes in providing non-standard coverage for drivers with less-than-perfect driving records. In just a few minutes, you can get a stress-free auto insurance quote and be on your way to getting affordable car insurance that matches your needs.

Why Should I Get SafeAuto Car Insurance?

Low Prices & Discounts

When you’re a safe driver, we think you deserve to be rewarded with cheaper insurance. Not satisfied with your current insurance provider? Switch to SafeAuto and you could qualify for a discount. These are just a few ways SafeAuto makes getting car insurance easier, and cheaper

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are always available to answer your questions, help you pay your bill, or make changes to your policy. Our mobile app also makes it easy to access your policy on the go.

Personalized Coverage

SafeAuto has coverage options to fit the needs of any budget and situation. That’s why you can sign up with SafeAuto for a month or forever. Finally, car insurance that can change as your needs change.

What kind of car insurance do I need?

Every driver has his or her own unique insurance needs and SafeAuto offers a wide variety of coverage options to fit those needs. Maybe you're only looking for short-term insurance because your needs are month to month. Maybe you’re only able to purchase low income car insurance to keep you covered, while fitting into your budget. That’s why at SafeAuto, drivers can sign up for a month or forever. Have a teen in the house who needs coverage? SafeAuto offers cheap car insurance for new drivers. For more than 20 years, we have been providing drivers from all walks of life with inexpensive car insurance to help our customers get the coverage they need.

  • Liability Insurance

    Liability Insurance protects you against the claims of other drivers for their injuries (bodily injury) or vehicle damage (property damage) if you cause an accident. How much protection you have depends on the level of liability protection you choose. Most states require drivers to have liability insurance up to certain minimum limits.

  • Comprehensive & Collision

    Comprehensive & Collision are almost always purchased together, as each covers you in specific situations. Some of the things comprehensive coverage protects are natural disasters, theft and hitting an animal. Collision coverage protects your investment in your vehicle. Depending on your deductible you could owe as little at $250 if you’re involved in a collision. If you’re leasing or financing your vehicles, your lender will generally require you to have comprehensive and collision to protect their interest as well.

  • Full Coverage

    Full Coverage can mean different things for different car insurance companies. Full Coverage at SafeAuto includes liability, comprehensive, collision, and can include extra coverages for roadside assistance and towing, rental car coverage, accidental death and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection just to name a few. With all of these protections you can enjoy the road ahead knowing SafeAuto has you covered.

What isn’t covered under SafeAuto auto insurance?

• General car maintenance and regular repairs. Insurance won’t replace your worn-down tires, your windshield wipers or fix whatever is making your engine light come on
• Any damage that exceeds the limits on your policy
• Cars for show/performance
• Cars used for business or ridesharing (These types of vehicles require specialty insurance)
• Personal items inside a stolen vehicle or stolen from a vehicle, for which you would need renters insurance


A free SafeAuto car insurance quote only takes a few minutes. You can receive a quote online or call 1-800-SAFEAUTO (1-800-723-3288) to talk to one of our knowledgeable expert representatives. All you’ll need to do is answer a few questions about you, your car, and any other drivers you may have. As soon as you purchase a SafeAuto insurance policy, you’ll have immediate coverage and proof of insurance, so you'll be ready to enjoy the road ahead.

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