High Risk Auto Insurance

WHat is high risk insurance?

What Is Bodily Injury And Property Damage Liability Insurance?

Auto insurance companies assign a risk level to drivers based on various factors, including, but not limited to, driving history and vehicle type. High risk auto insurance is a category of insurance that is offered to the drivers that fall into the classification of high-risk.

Not all companies provide car insurance for high-risk drivers, but SafeAuto has specialized in this coverage for more than 25 years. We strive to provide affordable car insurance to every driver, no matter their situation. If you have struggled purchasing car insurance due to a less-than-perfect driving record, give us a try. To check if we provide coverage in your state, explore our state requirements page.

What factors make a driver high-risk?

Your driving and claims record are the primary factors that insurance companies use when determining “risk level”, but there are many other factors considered including:

At-Fault Accident

At-Fault Accidents

If an insurance company deemed you responsible for causing an accident, you are listed as the at-fault party. This, in addition to any citations you may have received, may impact your insurance premium.

Cop giving a speed ticket

Speeding Tickets

Not all speeding tickets are equal. Speeding is considered a less severe violation and therefore has a smaller impact on your insurance premiums.

Bad car accident

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is considered a major moving violation in many states, and as a result can have a big impact on your insurance premiums. This is the third most expensive violation after racing and DUI. A reckless driving citation can affect insurance rates by as much as $500 per six-month policy period.

Race car waiting to drive


Due to the dangers associated with racing, drivers charged with a racing violation can see their car insurance premiums rise as much as $1,045 per year.

Cop pulling over a dui driver


Driving under the influence is the most severe major violation a driver can get. DUIs lead to more property damage, bodily injuries,and death benefit payouts than any other citation. If you are charged with DUI, you can expect your premium to rise by approximately 40%.

Person checking their credit on a phone

Poor Credit

You may be wondering why your credit can have an effect on your car insurance risk level, but your credit score can provide insight to how financially responsible you are.

Teenagers driving in a car


Your age could have an impact on your driving experience. If you are a teenage driver, you are viewed as high-risk due to your inexperience. If you are an older driver, you could also be viewed as high-risk, which could result in higher insurance premiums.

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It may come as a surprise to some, but insurance is priced by zip code. The address where you live can impact your premium regardless of your driving record. Every state has its own regulations, which may also impact car insurance rates. If you have questions about how your home address can affect your car insurance premiums, give us a call at 1-800-SAFEAUTO (1-800-723-388).

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Insurance History

Have you had gaps in your auto insurance coverage? Drivers who have not had gaps in coverage are seen as more financially responsible than those with interruptions in their car insurance histories. The more financially responsible your car insurance company sees you as, the lower your premium. There are also some insurance companies who will not provide coverage to drivers who haven’t maintained continuous coverage for the past six months.

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Vehicle Use

If your vehicle is used for business purposes, such as for ridesharing or commercial purposes, your insurance company may not cover you. The more you use your vehicle, the higher the risk is that it may be damaged. Your insurance premium may also be affected by the density of the area you drive in and the number of miles you drive.

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Vehicle Type

Some vehicles may be considered by car insurance companies as riskier than others. If you own a high-performance vehicle, you may be charged a higher premium.

What Is SR-22 Insurance

An SR-22 is a certificate issued by your car insurance company to the state notifying the state that you are have car insurance. An SR-22 also acts as proof that a driver has the minimum liability coverage required by his or her state. An SR-22 certificate is often required for drivers who have either been found to be driving without auto insurance, caught driving with a suspended or revoked license, received a major moving violation conviction such as DUI or reckless driving, or have been responsible for an automobile accident where someone was injured. We can help you obtain an SR-22 if needed and can provide affordable car insurance. Get a free quote online or call us at 1-800-SAFEAUTO (1-800-723-3288)

How Can You Lower Your High-Risk Auto Insurance Cost?

If you have been classified as a high-risk driver, below is a list of some actions that you can take that may help lower your risk classification.

  • Take a defensive driving course
  • Wait for your violations to expire
  • Improve your credit score
SafeAuto Can Help!

If you are searching for car insurance for high-risk drivers, SafeAuto may be able to help. We specialize in providing automobile insurance coverage for drivers with less-than-stellar driving records. We can also help you obtain an SR-22 if needed and can provide affordable car insurance. Get a free quote online or call us at 1-800-SAFEAUTO (1-800-723-3288)

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