last updated: 08/27/2020

Based on the guidance of our national, state and local leaders, most of our employees have begun leveraging technology in order to work from home to help limit the spread of COVID-19. While this transition should be seamless, you may experience some background noise or longer call times. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Temporary Driver Exclusion

In an effort to do our part to assist our policyholders during this unprecedented time, Safe Auto will temporarily suspend enforcement of the food delivery exclusion under our Personal Auto Policy. For a limited window of time, from March 20, 2020 through December 31, 2020, we will temporarily provide coverage for policyholders while they are providing a delivery services (restaurants, retailers, grocers, pharmacies, etc.) on behalf of businesses using their personal autos that are covered by their Safe Auto Policy.

After December 31, 2020 the exclusion will go back into effect unless Safe Auto elects to extend or modify this temporary expansion of coverage. All other terms and conditions of the policy remain unchanged.

Expired Driver License & Vehicle Registration

We are temporarily not using the expiration of policyholders’ drivers licenses or vehicle registrations in making underwriting decisions or claims decisions.


Just a reminder, we do not charge late payments fees in Colorado.


During this time, we encourage our customers to utilize our self- service tools available to you to ensure timely updates to your policy.

We recommend that policy payments be made by credit card or check using one of the following methods:

  • QuickPay (does not require logging into your policy)
  • Policy management
  • {Mobile App](/mobile-app) (available in the Apple Store and Google Play)

Electronic Delivery Of Documents:

Our goal is to make every SafeAuto policyholder's experience as seamless as possible during this time. We ask that you help us reach that goal by avoiding mailing in your payments and policy documents due to a possible delay in processing. If you are currently receiving policy documents via U.S. Mail, we request that you enroll in paperless delivery as soon as possible - this will ensure you receive your policy documents in a timely manner.

Additional Accommodations:

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us for additional accommodations at 1-800-SAFEAUTO (1-800-723-3288).