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To get you the health insurance that’s right for you, SafeAuto partnered with Augeo Benefits, a national provider of health insurance solutions with licensed benefit counselors and a large network of carriers and a variety of:

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Augeo Benefits has licensed benefits counselors who are available to assist you with

  • Shopping for and comparing insurance plans both on and off the federal and state marketplaces
  • Enrolling in the insurance plan that best fit the needs and budget of you and your family
  • Finding out if you qualify for financial assistance
  • Answering any questions you have about the Affordable Healthcare Act

Augeo Benefits has over 300 licensed benefits counselors who are available to assist you with:

  • Navigating both the private and government marketplaces to find the best health insurance plan for your needs - and budget.
  • Finding out if you qualify for financial assistance that could result in free or greatly reduced monthly health insurance costs.
  • Answering your questions about the new healthcare requirements and tax penalties set by the Affordable Care Act.

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Frequently asked question

When do I need to enroll?

Open enrollment for health insurance runs from November 1, 2016, through January 31, 2017. Enroll by December 15 for coverage to be in place January 1. If you miss the January 31 deadline, you will not be eligible to enroll in a health insurance plan for 2017 without qualifying for a special enrollment period.

What if I missed my employer's open enrollment period?

If you missed enrolling in a plan during your employer's open enrollment period, you can still find many great plans through Augeo Benefits.

What if I don't buy a health insurance plan?

You could face tax penalties if you do not carry health insurance that at least meets the requirements set by the Affordable Care Act. If affordability is a concern, an Augeo Benefits counselor can help you find out if you qualify for financial assistance, which might mean free or greatly reduced monthly insurance costs.

What if I'm not a SafeAuto policyholder?

You don't need to be a SafeAuto policyholder to enjoy the benefits of purchasing your health coverage through Augeo.

What if I'm just shopping around?

You might find an even better deal than the plans available through your employer. Although, you may not be eligible for tax credits.

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