How to Pay

If your policy does not allow you to pay by phone or electronically please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions please call 1-800-723-3288 to speak with a representative.

General Info

AmountYour payment amount
Pay toSafeAuto
Street address4 Easton Oval
ZIP code43219

Additional Info For MoneyGram

Please use the "ExpressPayment" form. Your MoneyGram must be paid in cash.

Account numberYour policy number
Receive code1659
MessagePolicyholder name

Additional Info For Western Union

Use the portion of the form for paying a bill. In order to get you covered as quickly as possible we suggest marking the box for "urgent" (this may result in additional charges).

Code CitySafeAuto/SAFE
Account numberYour policy number

Additional Info For ACE Cash Express

Application number / Policy numberYour policy number

Instructions For Money Orders

Include your Your policy number on the memo line and send it to:

P.O. Box 182208
Columbus, OH 43272-5110

When Is My Payment Effective?

MoneyGram/Western Union/ACE:

Your policy will be in effect from the time printed on the receipt.

Money Order:

Your policy will be in effect from the day after the postmark at 12:01 AM EST. If the postmark is not legible the date we receive the payment will be used.