Short Term Health Insurance is the flexible and fast option for you and your family if you need temporary health care coverage. These types of health insurance plans are designed to provide coverage for you for any length of time that falls under one year. Short term health insurance is meant to bridge the gap until you are able to enroll in a long-term medical plan. The types of situations where short term health care plans can provide coverage:

  • Recently Unemployed
  • Young adult who is no longer covered under a parent's insurance plan
  • Temporary or seasonal employee
  • Recent graduate
  • Waiting for long-term medical plans to kick in
  • Missed open enrollment for major medical insurance
  • Loss of coverage following a divorce
  • Early retiree

How Does Short Term Health Work?

Short Term Health Insurance helps you fill the insurance coverage gap while you are waiting to enroll in a long-term medical plan. You may enroll in this type of coverage at any point during the year. No matter the reason you are seeking coverage during this transition in your life, short term health care plans may be the solution for you.

Although short term health insurance may seem similar to major medical insurance, it is not a replacement for your regular health insurance.

Life can change in the blink of an eye and you want to make sure you and your loved ones have the protection you need with short term health insurance.

Short-Term Medical Plans From $30.60/Month*

Short-Term Medical Plans From $83.10/Month*