How Does Play It Safe Rewards Work?

Are you currently a SafeAuto customer?

reward-dollarsIf you currently hold a SafeAuto Personal Auto policy in Ohio, you will receive a Play It Safe® Rewards Endorsement soon, which modifies your policy and sets forth the eligibility requirements, rules and procedures for your opportunity to win $1,000 or $5,000, depending upon the length of time you have been continuously insured under your policy.

If you hold a SafeAuto policy in Ohio, you should receive your Play It Safe Rewards Endorsement® soon. Please contact our Customer Contact Center at with any questions or concerns.

Not a customer yet?

We know exactly what’s going through your mind... -- "I want to purchase car insurance with SafeAuto so I’m eligible for 'Safe Rewards'!" With an opportunity to win up-to $5,000, why not start your Ohio car insurance quote today?

If you decide stay with SafeAuto for just 90 days you could win $1,000. Stay longer and you could win $5,000! The longer you stay, the more opportunities you have to win!

Legal Disclaimer

The terms, conditions, eligibility requirements and other details governing the Play It Safe® Rewards program are fully set forth in the Ohio Personal Auto Policy (Form OH1010/1008), as amended by the Play It Safe® Rewards Endorsement (Form OH0711/0613). Please consult your policy for specific program information. Winners may be asked to provide written permission to use their name and/or likeness for marketing or promotional purposes. Payment of state, federal or local taxes by virtue of any benefit paid under the terms of this endorsement is exclusively the responsibility of the selected winner receiving such benefits, and SafeAuto assumes no responsibility for the withholding or payment of any such taxes.

Play It Safe Rewards® (Patent Pending) is presently available only to Ohio policyholders.

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