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When you commute through downtown Chicago during rush hour, it’s important to have insurance. If you’re on a budget and in need of cheap auto insurance in Chicago, Illinois, call SafeAuto, the insurance for the rest of us.

Since 1993, we’ve helped drivers save money on their car insurance so they can spend more on the things that matter to them, without sacrificing quality. You can reach our customer service team 24/7, 365 days a year because we know not everyone can call between 9 and 5.

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Now that’s insurance for the rest of us.


If you need cheap car insurance in Chicago, IL, we’ve got you covered, no matter what your credit or driving history looks like. Our flexible plans and low-down payments mean you can select coverage to match your needs and a policy that is unique to you and perfect for the driver who doesn’t have money to burn.

Our insurance follows Illinois law requirements, which are to maintain liability limits of at least:

  • $25,000 | Bodily Injury per Person
  • $50,000 | Bodily Injury per Accident
  • $20,000 | Property Damage

*Such coverage is often written as 25/50/20 or 25,000/50,000/20,000*


Get a free car insurance quote with SafeAuto in 3 minutes or less online or call 1-800-SAFEAUTO to chat with a specialist now. If you need SR-22 insurance to demonstrate financial responsibility compliance, have questions about the penalties for non-compliance, or would like more information about our auto insurance in Chicago and beyond the Windy City, please visit the Illinois auto insurance page.

Proud To Be The Insurance For The Rest Of Us.

Flexible plans and affordable state minimum coverage? Now that’s insurance for the rest of us. Have a question for us at SafeAuto? Need to start your policy? Just want to talk? Call us at 1-800-SAFEAUTO to speak to a real person, not a robot, any time or email us at For common questions, please consult our FAQ Page.